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Metal Monkey Designs
Concrete Coatings
Metal Monkey
We all know how heavy concrete is – and how that restricts it’s use in interior design work, but what if you could coat everyday construction materials in concrete coatings without having those concerns?
Concrete Coating
Modern Concrete
Modern Concrete 2
We have a great new range of products which have been developed to look and feel like concrete – from bespoke concrete coating materials to more traditional paint products which we have developed – we can give you options from standard to funky concrete – and it won’t break the bank….
Aged Concrete
Aged Concrete
Raw Concrete
Raw Concrete
Smooth Concrete
Smooth Concrete
And to make it more interesting – we can also add rock & stone to those effects.
Raw Granite
Raw Granite
Raw Granite
Natural Stone
Convert lightweight construction materials into authentic concrete and stone masterpieces that look and feel just like the real thing – lighter in weight and on your budget!
prepare and seal the base
1. Prepare and seal the base.
coat with Iron
2. Coat with Iron
apply oxidiser, wait for the rust to appear
3. Apply oxidiser, wait for the rust to appear.
Aviator map wall Rust Trendy Paints - map

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