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Piacente Paint

A very stylish, water-based, silky / soft pearlescent decorative paint, with a unique metallic – like reflectance. Perfectly suitable for use in Domestic, Commercial or Retail settings, where you want to make a statement.


Salvador Paint

A unique water-based, silky / soft pearlescent decorative paint – similar to Piacente, but with the addition of a grain effect which adds a completely different dimension. Perfectly suitable for use in Domestic, Commercial or Retail settings.


Leonde Paint

Leonde is a water-based silky / soft velvet effect decorative, textured wall finish applied by trowel – with a metallic twist in which you can combine vibrant colours with your choice of surface texture.


Travertine Finish

Travertine is a terrific trowel applied urban wall finish that can be applied in a range of base colours. Once applied – you can leave it as is – or get creative and add some custom colour highlights and treatments to your wall – making it a unique feature in any room.


Stucco Finish

Stucco is a clever blend of superfine aggregates which can be applied by and burnished by trowel to create superb, shiny finishes.


Ameno Paint

Ameno is a texturing paste which comes in a neutral white colour, with a smooth, yet dense structure. Perfect for walls which need a little TLC – Ameno is applied in 2 separate layers by trowel – and can be textured in random or bespoke designs.

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