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Metal Monkey Designs
Metal Coatings
Metal Monkey
Liquid Metal Coatings
Coatings that look – and Act just like metal
Imagine that you could convert virtually any surface into an authentic metal finish. As with metal – the surface will feel cold and will look and behave exactly like metal. It hardly matters what your object is – we can coat it.
Liquid Metal Coatings
Liquid Metal Coatings
Patina Brass Island
Copper Kitchen
Metal Fox
Patina Polished Brass Island
Walrus- Gold base and clearcoat
Metal Coatings
Metal Bar
Our finishes are seamless – which means that you can create designs in metal which the original raw material just won’t allow. This opens up large areas and intricate shapes to designs that would be virtually impossible by metal fabrication. Whether you prefer bright smooth finishes or heavily textured surfaces with varying degrees of brightness – we have the processes to create them.

There’s even a flexible version – which means that we can coat surfaces like fabric – or even paper!

The finished surface is over 95% metal – so it’s not a reproduction – it’s the real thing.

We have selected the Metalier brand for our liquid metal coatings – and are fully approved Metalier Applicators.

We can protect the original appearance of your metal finish with a specially constructed clearcoat, keeping the authentic original metal look – or we can leave the metal untreated and you can enjoy the true ageing process of that metal.

If you like to express the ageing or corrosion process – and want to have that as part of your design – we can make that happen too – by adding an additional process.

So – you get instant rusting on our iron, tarnished appearance on our brass – or verdigris on our copper finishes.

Metals – polished, Non-Textured

Non textured metal Images provided by
You can use any of our current metals – or if you’re feeling bold – let’s design a new metal!  
Metal Paint Coatings
Coatings that “look” just like metal
If you prefer a finish that looks like metal – then we have some great options there too
Copper Kitchen
We’ve made some unique, authentic metal formulations from our own mixing machine – and can even texture and add some aged effects.

If the budget for the project doesn’t run to using one of our liquid metals – we can deliver some smart solutions from a blend of our on-site paint technologies – and processes. Some examples:

Metal Coating
Metal Coatings
Metal Coatings
Metal Coatings
Copper Frames
Copper Frames
Copper Frames
Hoop Table - Bronze Paint
JD Bar - Dark Copper Paint
Wall Bronze paint with Patina effect

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