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Brand New for 2018!
Metal Monkey Designs Ltd Launches the Trendy Paint Brand in the UK!
Jan 15, 2017
Trendy Paints
Metal Monkey Designs is delighted to announce that we have formed an exclusive Partnership with TrendyPaints of Milan to import and distribute the TrendyPaints range throughout the UK.

TrendyPaints products consists of Authentic Oxidised Metal Finishes, a wide range of Concrete Finishes and some very interesting Rock and Stone Finishes – suitable for all interior applications.

Within each of those products types there’s a huge variety of options in terms of colouration and effects covering everything from the conservative – to the adventurous palette.

The entire TrendyPaints range is waterborne – which makes them suitable for application inhouse, or on – site, which makes them even more attractive.

We’re looking forward to producing finished projects in the TrendyPaints here at Metal Monkey Designs – but also to building up the TrendyPaints footprint across the UK through Specifications – and via selected Partners and Applicators.

What sealed the deal for us was the company – and the people behind Trendy Paints who have been enthusiastic and quick to respond to all our questions and demands – getting us quickly to our current status of launch in the UK.

 To Summarise – The Trendy Paints range covers 3 types of finish:

Concrete Finishes:

Consisting of:
– Raw Concrete Finishes
– Urban Concrete Finishes
– Aged Concrete Finishes
– Smooth Concrete Finishes
– Modern Concrete Finishes
– Crystalline Concrete Finishes

Rock & Stone Finishes:

Consisting of:
– Natural Stone Finishes
– Granite Stone Finishes
– Crystal Stone Finishes

Redox – Oxidised Metal Finishes:

Consisting of:
– Real Rust Finishes
– Dark Rust Finishes
– Light Rust Finishes
– Black Verdigris
– Antique Brass
– Verdigris

We are very excited about this partnership – and will launch the TrendyPaints Range on Stand 562 at the Surface Design Show in London on February 6 – 8th. You will be able to see a selection of all the 3 different finish types exhibited on our stand.

Why not drop in and take a look – we’d love to see you.

From February – we’ll be looking to build the TrendyPaints Brand through selected partners and applicators throughout the UK.

In the meantime – we have electronic product catalogues if you’d like to start by looking at the finish options within the TrendyPaints Range.

Testimonial from Hyde House
Dec 15, 2017
We have received the coffee table which looks stunning! Thank you all, you have done a fantastic job! Sonya Hemmings

Creative Assistant Designer, Hyde House

Testimonial from Macdonald Joinery & Construction LTD
Dec 08, 2017
Having set a tight timeframe for the project, we were delighted with the fast and efficient way in which our project was completed. The finished frames, when incorporated into our display cabinets, transformed the appearance into something pretty special. Client was delighted by the end result. Ian Newcombe

Estimating Manager, Macdonald Joinery and Construction LTD

Testimonial from DG Pro Interiors
Sep 18, 2017
We approached Metal Monkey Designs with a very vague outline as to what was required, from the outset they advised, suggested and provided guidance to us in areas that we had little expertise.

From placing the order through to installation, they were professional in their approach, but more importantly they were approachable, and we felt like we could trust the information they gave us.

We were kept abreast of their progress at every stage and they delivered an extremely high quality product ahead of schedule, with excellent aftercare information, allowing us to fulfil our O&M requirements with the minimum fuss Vicki Taylor

Director, DG Pro Interiors

Metal Monkey Designs exhibiting at The Bar & Restaurant Show London
Sep 15, 2017
Table Top & Door Designs
Metal Monkey Designs, are exhibiting at The Bar & Restaurant show London Excel 26 & 27 Sept.

As part of the build up to the show, we took an half page advert in the Bar & Restaurant.

Table Top & Door Designs
Jul 19, 2017
Table Top & Door Designs
Metal Monkey Designs Ltd offers a bespoke Table & Door Design Service. Here’s an example of 4 mixed metals used in a circular design – all polished to a smooth bright shine. We’ve developed a technique of joining metals together which is completely seamless – the result = a completely smooth surface with no detectable joins.

Now available on any shape object in a surface design of your choice.

Marc Newson Orgone Chair
Jul 19, 2017
Marc Newson Orgone Chair
We took a Marc Newson Orgone Chair and gave it a makeover. Everyone knows what a classic this chair is on its own – but it looks absolutely stunning finished on the inside with a specially formulated bright red – and topped off with a high gloss chrome on the outside. Awesome! Maybe we can do something for you?
Copper Cubes
Jul 19, 2017
Copper Cubes
We recently coated 3 large cubes in copper Liquid Metal – the cubes were all different sizes, and part of a 9 cube design for a large perfume store in London. They looked fantastic when finished. Seamless – try doing that in metal!
Bar & Restaurant Show
Jul 6, 2017
Bar & Restaurant Show
Metal Monkey Designs Ltd is exhibiting at the Restaurant and Bar Design Show this year. Our stand (3202) will be filled with amazing designs and finishes in a wide range of coating materials. Why not drop in and see us? – we’d love to meet you.
New London Seafood Restaurant
Jul 3, 2017
New London Seafood Restaurant
Beautifully profiled panelling was supplied to Metal Monkey Designs Ltd – which we coated in our Brass Liquid Metal and polished to a smooth, high gloss finish – here’s the finished construction installed in a New Seafood Restaurant in London. So authentic!
Boardroom Table in Concrete
Jun 29, 2017
Boardroom Table in Concrete
Turn MDF into concrete! We’ve been asked a few times to create a concrete finish – so this time we took up the challenge and designed a way to do it. The result looked amazing! Available now in a range of colours………Designs in Concrete, Granite, Marble …………Or something outrageous?
Bespoke Metal Reception Desk
Jun 22, 2017
Bespoke Metal Reception Desk
How about this for a reception desk? This project involved creating a whole new metal – by mixing Aluminium, Bronze and Brass together – and then texturing the surface before applying a dark patina as the final touch before polishing to a bright metal finish.
Made in Yorkshire
May 22, 2017
Made In Yorkshire
Metal Monkey Designs has just exhibited at the Made in Yorkshire Show – held in The Centenary Pavilion at Leeds United Football Club.
2017: Our year to shine
Feb 14, 2017

Well, 2016 was an incredibly significant year us. For a start, it was when we came together to start planning an exciting new business venture, that with a lot of hard work and dedication evolved into Metal Monkey Designs…….

Reach for the skies with Metal Monkey Designs
Jan 16, 2017
Check out our latest ‘How to’ video as we demonstrate how to make an extra ordinary paper airplane – Metal Monkey Style. See how basic printer paper can be coated in our Liquid Metal Coating and then polished to give it the shine necessary, yet can still be folded and bent like ordinary paper.

Such an innovative and special process opens the doors for many designers and allows them to think big. Limitations tossed aside, this process can create magnetic wallpaper, rustic bronze tapestry, metal finish leather, copper origami or even steel restaurant menus.

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