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Reach for the skies with Metal Monkey Designs

Jan 16, 2017

At Metal Monkey Designs we love working with different materials and products to push boundaries and overcome traditional limitations within the world of coating applications. Recently we have been pushing our Liquid Metal Coatings and the different materials it can be applied to.

The Liquid Metal Coating is a great product to use to give any material or surface genuine metal properties whilst still maintaining the shape or flexibility of the original object. Here at Metal Monkey HQ, however, we wanted to test just how far this coating application process can be pushed. How flexible can a material still be after it is coated in our Liquid Metal Coating?

So, we thought why not try one of the most flexible materials there is? Paper.
Check out our latest ‘How to’ video as we demonstrate how to make an extra ordinary paper airplane – Metal Monkey Style. See how basic printer paper can be coated in our Liquid Metal Coating and then polished to give it the shine necessary, yet can still be folded and bent like ordinary paper.

Such an innovative and special process opens the doors for many designers and allows them to think big. Limitations tossed aside, this process can create magnetic wallpaper, rustic bronze tapestry, metal finish leather, copper origami or even steel restaurant menus.

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