Metal Monkey Designs Ltd Launches the Trendy Paint Brand in the UK!

Metal Monkey Designs Ltd

We’re looking forward to producing finished projects in the TrendyPaints here at Metal Monkey Designs – but also to building up the TrendyPaints footprint across the UK through Specifications – and via selected Partners and Applicators.

What sealed the deal for us was the company – and the people behind Trendy Paints who have been enthusiastic and quick to respond to all our questions and demands – getting us quickly to our current status of launch in the UK.

To Summarise – The Trendy Paints range covers 3 types of finish:

Concrete Finishes:

Consisting of:
– Raw Concrete Finishes
– Urban Concrete Finishes
– Aged Concrete Finishes
– Smooth Concrete Finishes
– Modern Concrete Finishes
– Crystalline Concrete Finishes

Rock & Stone Finishes:

Consisting of:
– Natural Stone Finishes
– Granite Stone Finishes
– Crystal Stone Finishes

Redox – Oxidised Metal Finishes:

Consisting of:
– Real Rust Finishes
– Dark Rust Finishes
– Light Rust Finishes
– Black Verdigris
– Antique Brass
– Verdigris

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Latest News

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