Pure Metal - Textured Finish

Trendy Paints Pure Metal is an Epoxy based, solvent – free Liquid Metal which has been developed for applying Textured Metal Finishes.

Pure Metal is a remarkably user-friendly liquid metal – it is supplied in a paste – and you just add the Epoxy Hardener – and off you go.

There are 4 metal bases – from which you can make 10 formulated metals – or you can develop your own by mixing any of the 4 bases to suit the finish you are trying to achieve.

Being Epoxy – means that once dry – you can sand the Metal with confidence as the finish is hard, and virtually impossible to break through on edges.

How Does it Look on Objects and Projects

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Our Trendy Paints Range

Water borne and solvent free coatings for on site application. Click on the paint style below to find out more.

Liquid Metal

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Applying Your Specialist Paint Coatings

Apply Yourself

Apply the Coatings Yourself

If you want to apply the materials yourself – we supply the coating products, marketing materials and technical support – and offer training courses on the products and systems to ensure you get the best results. Products are delivered the next day if ordered before 3pm.

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Approved Applicators

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If you are looking to have your project coated by approved applicators – we can connect you to one of our independent regional specialists, who will discuss your needs and provide you with all the help and support you need to get your project completed to your complete satisfaction.

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